Wednesday, December 8, 2010

China's weather manipulation?

Did you know that china spends $100 million a year on weather manipulation programs? What technology is being used and why would they want to use it? Its called "cloud seeding", and was first used by Vincent Schaefer on November 13, 1946. Cloud seeding works by dropping or firing a rocket into a cloud then dispersing a chemical known as silver iodide within the cloud. The silver iodide reacts with the water molecules in the cloud causing them to rapidly freeze, once heavy enough the water droplets will fall from the cloud as precipitation. This will cause a cloud to spontaneously precipitate snow, in a warm climate the snow will melt as it is falling to the ground to make rain.

Cloud seeding

There have been many different applications of cloud seeding in history, believe it or not during the 1969 Woodstock fest, it was reported that the us government used cloud seeding technology to "rain out the gathering hippies".

Its raining dude...

There are many ongoing applications of cloud seeding today, but the biggest and most controversial applications of cloud seeding are being done all over parts of china. In the 2008 Beijing Olympic games, the Chinese government used cloud seeding to intercept a large rain front approaching the city, causing the cloud to release all of its moisture before entering the city. Thus creating a warm sunny pleasant experience for the Olympic event. The only problem is that they actually caused a massive record beating snow fall in the outskirts of the city, causing confusion and a halt of the city's transportation system.

Whats all this?

There is major controversy on the subject of cloud seeding, many people believe that it is extremely damaging to the naturally balanced Eco system. Other theroys state that the affected cloud seeding areas are being "over watered"  causing delicate crops to die out from over moisturized soil. There are also conspiracy theory's that suggest that china is "stealing rain" from there neighboring countrys thus forcing those countrys to buy "well watered and healthy" crops from the Chinese government.

 Cloud seeding works by emitting silver iodide into a cloud thus causing snow or rain. This is a technology that has been used for many years since 1946, and will continue to be used to manipulate the whether for practical reasons like raining out hippies or increasing precipitation in drought torn areas. Hell it could even be used as a weapon against other countrys?

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  1. This is actually the first time I heard about cloud seeding. Such fascinating technology with multi-purpose uses.